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Who Is The Founder Of MBAKids Academy, Răzvan Vasile?

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Since 1994, Răzvan Vasile has been credited as a recognised pioneer of the first Romanian software startups, especially in the fields of ERP, CRM, BI and HR management software. At the age of only 20, he reported the situation of the world leader in construction, at that time, directly to the New York Stock Exchange, with the help of IT solutions developed by his company. Later, he was involved in the development of specific solutions for reporting to the International Monetary Fund and was involved in strategies for structuring national fiscal and tax collection systems.

In terms of coaching, Răzvan Vasile has voluntarily dealt with children and adolescents as a mentor and life coach for over 16 years. He says that "a high-quality education is needed for all children, which teaches them how to think positively, how to set their goals, how to follow their passions and how to reach their full potential".

As an Australian citizen, he led, from the position of CEO, global and multinational companies in the IT industry, mainly in the cybersecurity and business software development industry, working from Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Tokyo, Singapore, San Diego, Shanghai, London, Munich. He has won numerous international awards for marketing impact and market share growth in the EMEA and APAC regions.

The future is a state of mind

We educate children for the future, helping them to understand that in order to change the world, they must first understand it, and themselves.

The MBAKids Academy is a unique concept, a national project about the mindset of success, preparing today's children to be tomorrow's leaders. It is the only MBA academy for children in Romania, awarded "The Most Comprehensive MBA Program for Children", a new milestone in the personal development of young people, according to the Romanian mass media.

The MBAKids courses are designed to reduce the existing discrepancies between the knowledge taught in school and the requirements of the current reality and of the future. The traditional school prepares children for the past. However, children need a 100% future orientation in order to be equipped with all the necessary skills for success and fulfillment. They need a modern educational component through which they can learn how to learn, read effectively, communicate, identify opportunities, control their emotions, manage money and a business and, last but not least, how to acquire a winning, leadership mentality.

The MBAKids concept has been designed to take into account the requirements of the future and the strengths of the educational systems in Australia, England and Singapore, globally recognized for exceptional results in the field of education.

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Răzvan Vasile's biography.

Răzvan comes from a family of high achievers. His father rose to the rank of Colonel and then General in the army. His mother was a pharmaceutical researcher. Răzvan Vasile was one of Romania's exceptional children in his youth. With no school score below 10, he also took part in Olympiads, achieving the highest scores in many national and international competitions in mathematics, chemistry, physics, history and geography (one of them while suffering from a fever, 41 degrees C), the teenager Răzvan realized that he actually wanted to become a doctor, or a businessman. "Time is the most important resource we have. Every human has 24 hours in a day. If we waste two hours talking with friends and three hours lying in bed, we will never be able to reach our goals". This achievement from a young age motivated Răzvan to follow his passions and goals and to develop his self-confidence and discipline, believing that he can become a successful man on his own.

That's how it happened. He became the first Romanian involved in the development of business software and business intelligence. It all started from the desire to help the mother of a very close friend, a dedicated accountant, up to her eyes working with papers and tax documents. From that beginning, he built up a business of tens of thousands of clients, driven by self-discipline and professionalism. He was the second Romanian to appear in the famous show, at that time, "I met happy Romanians" by Mihai Tatulici on ProTV and the first businessman from the software industry in the even more famous business magazine "Idei de Afaceri".

Over time, Răzvan got involved in something he describes as 'a calling', a personal vocation: mentoring for children and young people, where he has just completed 16 years of activity. MBAKids is not the first project dedicated to children founded by Răzvan Vasile. In 2013, in Sydney, Răzvan Vasile opened the first martial arts club for children, Mosman Martial Arts Academy, with which he won award after award, reaching over 5,000 children trained in a short time. Then followed a second club, BX1, much bigger, a club that became involved in all the major sports competitions in the field in Australia.

Răzvan returned to Romania in 2020 when he started four EduTech and HealthTech startups, with one of them, INNOVO PurePearl (in the oral care industry) going to the Lion Empire. He had to withdraw, because he already found investors less than 3 weeks after registration. Răzvan decided to introduce a new startup in the show, this time from the EduTech industry, called LessonPlaza, a startup that he also withdrew due to the same reason as the first startup.

The final startup that he presented in February 2022, live at Imperiul Leilor, was one in the cybersecurity field, called Webkiddo, through which Răzvan aimed to reduce the level of cyberbullying of children through a unique system of learning how children can stay safe online. Romania ranks 3rd in the EU in terms of anti-bullying protection for children.

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Răzvan Vasile's hobbies and interests

Răzvan loves music, he had a pop group in the past, called Highlife. He taught himself to play guitar and keyboards in his free time. He is the first to ask for the karaoke microphone where he has some favorite songs.

He loves to train children in martial arts and self-defense, in boxing and kick-boxing. Thousands of children passed through his clubs in Sydney, but also hundreds of adults who he trained in the style of the US Navy. Răzvan has not yet nailed his black belt next to the medals and trophies of his clubs: Mosman Martial Arts Academy and BX1.

In his youth, he experienced huge success in rallies and armwrestling, investing an enormous amount of time in training, ambition and passion. But the excellent results were a just reward.

Fishing is another great passion of Răzvan. He was a member of the select entourage of the Romanian national team for many years, runner-up world champion 5 times in a row, then world champion.

However, books are Răzvan's great passion since his childhood. He considered them to be window onto the world. The more he read, the wider his window onto the world became.

Răzvan's favorite philosopher is Rumi, the famous Persian who reinvented world philosophy and poetry. Rumi had a philosophy of love, and his poems have the power to awaken consciences and open hearts.

Favourite writers are Paulo Coelho, Haruki Murakami, Don Miguel Ruiz and Tolstoy.

"Accept your own being, accept others and contemplate reality through the eyes of Truth. Imagine what it would be like to live without fear, without judgment, without blame, without guilt, without shame. Imagine that just being yourself, you are happy, and that wherever you go, heaven goes with you, because you are heaven. Imagine what it would be like to live in such freedom." - Don Miguel Ruiz; is one of Răzvan's favorite quotes

Răzvan Vasile considers mentoring and coaching to be his personal calling, his vocation. That is why he wants his entire career to be an open book from which all children can learn, both from his failures, but especially from the great results he has obtained over time.

What Răzvan thinks about being a businessman: a real businessman is someone who jumps from a high mountain and while falling builds an airplane.

Media Appearances

Răzvan's vision

My desire is to make the MBAKids academy a leading voice of a new, much needed approach to child education. I needed 16 years of voluntary mentoring on several continents in order to establish the first MBA academy for children in Romania at the end of 2022. Not even 2 months after its launch, when we decided to offer free scholarships to children with potential, but with limited material means, the MBAKids academy has become, according to the media, the new phenomenon and the new benchmark in children's education. Even though we know that there is still a long way to go, these appreciations have given us even greater motivation. Just like an avalanche, that small ball of snow will eventually become an unstoppable force for good, achieving large-scale, positive results for children; in short, an MBA, Master of Business Administration. This means that they can manage a business. Therefore, we will educate children to deal with finances, we will teach them the art of entrepreneurship, negotiation, setting up a startup from the intial idea to the exit strategy and listing on the stock exchange, the impact of marketing, communication and PR. Since the management of a business and its success directly depends on a shrewd management skills, calm emotions, thoughts, words, objectives (the list is very long), we have included in the MBA package growth mindset courses, leadership, emotional detox, emotional intelligence, public speaking, etiquette and good manners. I myself obtained a balanced MBA package in everything that means success in children's lives and careers.

Personally, I wish to publicly declare that all current and future generations of children deserve to have access to a future-oriented education, to the development of a winner's mentality and leadership attitude, to emotional intelligence, as well as receiving a basic financial and entrepreneurial education. All this will give children self-belief, a solid mindset and a complete understanding of what personal development represents.

Shortly, our mission is to prepare children for the future, create a leader mindset and reduce the level of depression due to bullying and cyberbullying (Romania is #3 in the EU).

The future is waiting. Why are you waiting? Give your children the future they deserve. They will thank you for it!

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